When I had the opportunity to jet down the beautiful Oregon Coast to spend a day with these two cuties in Yachats.. I just couldn't resist!!

We started out our ocean adventure at Cape Cove Beach. It was a sweet little beach that had a mix of little areas to explore. We spent some time there together laughing and running down near the water. Such a stunning spot!

After our fun had been had at the cove, we decided to head north about 20 minutes to a beautiful cliff-filled area called Strawberry Hill. There were crashing waves, orange tinted cliffs, and the salty air which just added to this surreal coast session!

Victoria & Isaiah were not timid when it came to exploring the rocks and getting misted by the ocean! They were there for the full experience!

When the sun started to set, we took the opportunity to get a little fancy and end the night with a bang! Victoria changes into her stunning Gatsby Dress from Sew Romantic Designs . Let me tell ya... The ocean was no match for how freaking incredible she looked and Isaiah agreed!

We finished out our epic adventures at the beach by slowing down a little bit, soaking in all of the beauty, and really embracing their love.

It was definitely one for the books as Yachats holds a special spot in my heart! Can't wait to return.

Want to have an epic adventure day at the coast?? Lets Dooo It!!!

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