Welcome To My World

Hi, I’m Emily. Lover, Dreamer, Dance Party Thrower!  

I’ve known from a very young age that I did not want to fall into the societal trap of expelling our energy (and lives) into what we all are told we should amount to, for the rest of our lives. I knew.. there has got to be something more to life. Something worthy of Epic-ness, Every. Damn. Day.

Over the past few years, I have discovered that my place on this earth is to be a soul seeker, bond maker, and love lover! The joy I feel when I am around people who feel such a zest for life and for one another, is my pure ecstacy .  I just can’t get enough!

SOO.. After getting married in the Fall of 2019, and seeing the pure joy and indescribable love our photographer had throughout the process, I KNEW.. this is what I am meant to be a part of. For the rest of my life.

Every person I photograph has a unique story and I love getting to know my clients on a person level. It is amazing getting to spend a day in paradise with such beautiful souls, doing a relaxed and inspired session in the most stunning locations. I long to end my shoots with such a natural high, that it feels as if we may never come down. When you look back on these moments that were frozen, my longing is for you to return to that state of mind.

Feeling, smelling, embracing in that moment of unconditional love.


I want to give you that, to treasure forever. To capture the breathtaking scenery of the Pacific Northwest and the beauty of love combined in one is a privilege that I am very grateful for.

I believe that letting loose and getting silly is the best way to ignite our souls. This is why I absolutely love ending sessions with a good ol’ dance party! I’ll bring the speaker.. you bring your moves (even if you only know the lawnmower.. that will do!)


A few fun and funky things about myself:

~ My absolute favorite thing in the world is Karaoke (i’ll meet ya there!)

~ I am in love with festivals of all sorts, especially those that involve killer music, insane dancing, delicious food, and yummy craft beer.

~ I live in Portland, Oregon with my two silly toddlers Oliver, 4 & Parker, 2 along with my Husband Mike ~ The Vibrancy of Portland has my heart

~ I cannot and will not sleep without socks. nope. not happening.

~ Dancing in the rain.. kinda my thing. When in the PNW.. we can’t wait for the storm to pass.. we must go and live!