Wedding & Elopement Photographer Based in Portland, Oregon

Oregon & Worldwide

Hey There, Wildflower

I like to think of these magical times in our lives as wildflowers, and I will be here for you to capture the flow of your beautiful souls during all of the stages of this endeavor. I will be there to preserve the moment of bliss when you are in full bloom, making sure this feeling can be brought back over and over again. Forever.

Being trusted to capture your lifelong memories and treasured moments is a great honor & I will dedicate myself to being there for you and supporting you every step of the way.

Kind Words & Love

“She is the kind of photographer that will carry on the authenticity of your experience and capture the candid moments. If anything I feel like I gave her minimal direction/schedule for the day of, yet somehow she knew where to be and when! She really seems to love people and capturing meaningful moments which really shines through in her work. Felt like Emily was more of a friend instead of a stranger taking your photographs-made for a fun day!”

Brooke & Craig